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    1. PM AC Low-Speed Synchronous Motor
      The motor features an outstanding power saving performance in industrial small power mechanical transmission, frequent return transmission machinery, and mute and low temperature lifting drive devices.
    1. Brushless DC Motor
      The small, brushless DC motor utilizes electronic communication and requires little to no maintenance. With its high power and low noise levels, it is ideal for safety and medical applications, and we can easily design customized motors to fit specific drive systems.
    1. Disc Motor
      The disc motor is widely used in narrow installation spaces, and transmission equipment with restricted installation locations due to specific mounting dimensions.
    1. Micro Gear Reducer Motor
      Ultra-low speed and large torque mechanical transmission, mute and low temperature transmission equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.
    1. Worm Gear Motor
      This motor replaces traditional combinations of AC synchronous motors and double turbine gearboxes, as well as traditional combinations of a DC brush or brushless motor, double turbine gear box and driver.