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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Three-Phase Low-Speed AC Induction Motor, DLY Series

3 Phase Induction Motor, AC Induction Motor, 3 Phase AC Motor

Without common wearing parts, the AC induction motors feature a long service life and require very little maintenance. This has led to a wide usage in industrial access control systems, and as a professional motor manufacturer, we can design AC induction motors to meet your specific needs.

1. These motors often replace traditional micro and small three-phase asynchronous motors, and the traditional combinations of micro or small three-phase asynchronous motor and reduction boxes.
2. It has all the advantages of a traditional asynchronous motor.
3. Stable operation at low speeds avoids direct drive operation of the reduction box.
4. An excellent torque characteristic and strong overload resistance offer a high power density.
5. Low vibration noise, good stability, smooth running, and little to no need for maintenance all lead to a long service life.
6. The low starting impulse current can use a frequency converter to adjust speed.
7. The AC induction motor maintains normal operations even under heavy bearing loads. This leads to the high applicability
8. With its high efficiency, which is higher than traditional induction motors of the same power by 8 to 20%, the motor offers a power saving performance.

Scope of application
Industrial small power mechanical transmission, mute and low temperature lifting drive device

Motor base specification: DLY90, DLY120, DLY140, DLY170
Power supply voltage: 3Ph 200V 220V 230V 240V 380V 415V 440V 480V
Allowable voltage fluctuation: ±10%
Frequency: 50Hz 60Hz
Pole number: 4 6 8 10 12
Rated speed (50Hz): 310, 420, 500, 660, 880, 1320rpm (For reference only)
Rated power: 60~1200W
Motor temperature rising: <80℃
Insulation class: F
Protection grade: IP54 IP56
Cooling mode: IC410
Work system: S1 S2
Motor connection mode: DLY90 Y Method; DLY120, DLY140, DLY170 Y/△method
Noise: 40~60dB
Protective casing treatment: Spray paint, electrophoresis or oxidation treatment.
Shaft extension standard: Circular shaft with keyway, hole axis, through hole shaft with keyway.