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Low-Speed Permanent Magnet DC Variable Frequency Motor, DWT Series

Low Speed DC Variable Frequency Motor, Variable Frequency Motor, Low Speed Variable Frequency Motor

The DWT series of low speed variable frequency motors utilize vector control technology to change AC power into a 3 phase sinusoidal power. The three-phase multi-pole motor then consists of a large torque synchronous mechanical and electrical integration systems motor.

Scope of Application
Public facilities such as low speed driving device, mute low temperature rise transmission equipment, environmental cleaning equipment, mechanical transmission equipment used in high humidity, and equipment with a power supply from a storage battery and low voltage levels

Technical Parameters
Motor base specification: 70DWT, 90DWT, 120DWT
Power supply voltage: DC12V, DC24V, DC36V, DC48V (can meet clients' requirement)
Allowable voltage fluctuation: ±10%
Synchronous speed: 30, 60, 90, 120rpm (can meet client requirements)
Torque: 1.0~20N.m
Motor temperature rising: <45℃
Insulation class: F
Work system: S1
Noise: 40~60dB
Protection grade: IP54, IP56
Protection grade of driver: IP20, IP55
Cooling mode: IC410
Protective casing treatment: Spray paint, electrophoresis or oxidation treatment.
Shaft extension standard: Circular shaft with keyway, hole axis, through hole shaft with keyway.
Adapter driver: Series DT DC synchronous driver (Please refer to the detailed description in the information)

1. By running with a large torque and a low speed, there is no need for direct drive operation of a reduction box.
2. This motor replaces the traditional combination of an AC brush motor, reducer and governor, as well as the combination of a DC brushless motor, governor and reducer.
3. Stepless speed regulation is available in a wide range, offering an excellent overload capacity, small volume, and a large power density.
4. The motor can start and stop with a perfect brake performance, which saves the mechanical brake or electromagnetic device from wearing.
5. No spark means the motor can be safely used in flammable environments.
6. You can set different parameters in order to adapt to different work applications.
7. Low vibration noise, good stability, little to no need for maintenance.

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