Brushless DC Motor, BL Series

Brushless DC Motor, DC Motor, Brushless Motor

The small, brushless DC motor utilizes electronic communication and requires little to no maintenance. With its high power and low noise levels, it is ideal for safety and medical applications, and we can easily design customized motors to fit specific drive systems.

Scope of Application
· Industrial small power mechanical transmission
· Energy saving and environmental protection equipment,
· Machinery and equipment where the power is supplied via a storage battery and low voltage power (street cleaning and sweeping vehicles, transportation vehicles)

Technical Parameters
Motor base specification: BL70 BL90 BL120 BL140
Power supply voltage: DC12V DC24V DC36V DC48V AC110V AC220V (can meet clients' requirement )
Allowable voltage fluctuation: ±10%
Rated speed: 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000rpm (can meet clients' requirement )
Rated power: 60~2200W
Motor temperature rising:<60℃
Insulation class: F
Work system: S1
Noise: 40~60dB
Protection grade: IP54 IP56
Protection grade of driver: IP20 IP55
Cooling mode: IC410
Protective casing treatment: Spray paint, electrophoresis or oxidation treatment.
Shaft extension standard: Circular shaft with keyway, hole axis, through hole shaft with keyway.
Adapter driver: DB series DC brushless driver (Please refer to detailed description of the information)

1. The brushless DC motor replaces traditional combination of AC brush motor with governor, and asynchronous motor with frequency converter.
2. By running with a large torque and a low speed, there is no need for direct drive operation of a reduction box.
3. The brushless DC motor is featured by large starting torque, stable low speed operation and small starting current.
4. Stepless speed regulation is available in a wide range, offering an excellent overload capacity, small volume, and a large power density.
5. The motor can start and stop with a perfect brake performance, which saves the mechanical brake or electromagnetic device from wearing.
6. Without carbon brush and slip ring, it can save energy and work efficiently.
7. Keeping a stable torque in the range of rated speed. You can set different parameter to adapt to different situations.

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