Disc Motor

Low Speed PM Synchronous Motor, Low Speed AC Motor, Frequency Conversion Low Speed Motor

Scope of Application
The disc motor is widely used in narrow installation spaces, and transmission equipment with restricted installation locations due to specific mounting dimensions.

Motor Type and Model
TYD Series Disk Low-speed AC PM Synchronous Motor
DL Series Disk Low-speed AC PM High Efficiency Motor
DLY Series Disk Three-phase AC Induction Low-speed Motor
DWT Series Disk DC PM Frequency Conversion Low-speed Motor
BL Series Disk DC Brushless Motor

Motor Base Specification
TYD Series: D90TYD, D120TYD, D140TYD, D170TYD
DL Series: D-DL120, D-DL140, D-DL170
DL Series: D-DLY120, D-DLY140, D-DLY170
DWT Series: D90DWT, D120DWT, 140DWT, D170DWT
BL Series: D-BL120, D-BL140, D-BL170

Power Supply Voltage
TYD Series: 1Ph 110V 220V
3Ph 200V 220V 240V 380V 440V
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
DL Series: 3Ph 220V 240V 380V 440V
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
DLY Series: 3Ph 220V 240V 380V 440V
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
DWT Series: DC24V DC48V
BL Series: DC24V DC48V AC220V

Torque or Power
TYD Series: 2.8~60N.m
DLSeries: 60~400W
DLYSeries: 40~400W
DWT Series: 2.8~20N.m
BLSeries: 150~1000W

Rotation Speed
TYD Series: 60, 115rpm
DL Series: 300, 375, 500, 600, 750, 1000rpm
DL Y Series: 450, 700, 920, 1400rpm
DWT Series: 60, 90, 120rpm
BL Series: 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000rpm

Technical Parameters
Allowable voltage fluctuation: ±10%
Motor temperature rising: <60℃
Insulation class: F
Protection grade: IP44 IP54
Cooling mode: IC410
Work system: S1
Noise: 30~55dB
Protective casing treatment: Spray paint, electrophoresis or oxidation treatment.
Shaft extension standard: Circular shaft with keyway, hole axis, through hole shaft with keyway.

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