Micro Gear Reducer Motor

Micro Gear Motor, Reducer Motor, Low Speed Motor

The low speed motor operates with a micro gear reduction box.

1. The low speed motor replaces traditional combinations of a micro AC asynchronous motor, intermediate gear box and reduction box, as well as the combination of a traditional DC brush or brushless motor, intermediate gear box, reduction box and driver.
2. A lower rotational speed, low wearing of the fear machinery, and a larger bearing capacity on the output shaft's torque all lead to a longer service life.
3. Both the motor and the reduce box feature low noise levels, an outstanding stability, smooth performance, and require little to no maintenance.
4. The motor has a low temperature rise, small volume but high efficiency, carries out an excellent power saving performance.

Scope of Application
Ultra-low speed and large torque mechanical transmission, mute and low temperature transmission equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

Technical Parameters
Motor specifications: 70TYD, 90TYD
Gear reduce box specifications: 4GN, 5GN, 5GU, 6GU
Gear reduce box speed ratio: 1:3~200
Motor rotational speed: 30, 60, 115 rpm
Output rotation speed: 0.15~20rpm
Output torque: 4~40N.m
Motor temperature rising: <45℃
Insulation class: B
Protection grade: IP54, IP56
Cooling mode: IC410
Work system: S1
Noise: 30~50dB

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