Worm Gear PM Synchronous Motor

Worm Gear Motor, Low Speed Motor, Turbine Reduction Motor

The low speed motor operates with a turbine reduction box.

1. This motor replaces traditional combinations of AC synchronous motors and double turbine gearboxes, as well as traditional combinations of a DC brush or brushless motor, double turbine gear box and driver.
2. The lower rotational speed, lower wear of the reducer machinery, and a larger bearing capacity on the output shaft torque all contribute to a longer service life.
3. Both the motor and the reducer box feature a low noise, excellent stability, smooth performance, efficiency and require little to no need for maintenance.
4. The motor has a low temperature rise, small volume but high efficiency, and performs in an energy efficient manner.

Scope of Application
Ultra low speed and large torque mechanical transmission, mute and low temperature transmission equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

Technical Parameters
Motor specifications: 70TYD, 90TYD, 120TYD
Turbine reduce box specifications: RV030, RV040, RV050, RV063, RV075
Turbine reduce box speed ratio: 1:5~100
Motor rotational speed: 30, 60, 115rpm
Output rotation speed: 0.3~20rpm
Output torque: 4~260N.m
Motor temperature rising:<45℃
Insulation class: B
Protection grade: IP56
Cooling mode: IC410
Work system: S1
Noise: 30~60dB

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