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Our Partners

At Dongling, we are proud of the wide application range for our motors. These products have found efficient, widespread usage in access control systems, railways and subways, as well as a plethora of other areas. They are known for their high efficiency, stable performance and low noise levels, demonstrated in a few of our numerous successful cases listed below.

  • Motors for road gate
  • Motors for elevator door
  • Motor for bullet train subway door
  • Motor for cold-storage door
  • Truck supporting legs
  • Solar energy revolving setting

We developed a high speed motor for the barrier gate industry. It has been highly praised by customers, especially for its stable quality and outstanding effects.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors developed and produced by us have increasingly replaced asynchronous motors in elevators. They are used to open and close elevator doors, saving money and simplifying numerous complex processes. These motors are both easy to control and feature a stable quality.

Dongling developed a direct drive motor for subway car doors in order to replace costly dear motors. The direct drive motor not only saves money, but solves the problem of the gear reduction motor getting stuck during bad weather.

A direct drive motor was developed specifically for opening and closing large scale cold storage doors. It replaces traditional gear motors, and features easy control and a large output torque. This motor not only saves money, but meets customer quality needs. Within the cold storage door motor industry, this direct drive motor is a leader, especially in China. A few successful applications include cold storage at the Pudong Airport and Baiyun Airport, as well as other airports and supermarkets around China.

We have also developed and produced a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, widely used for container trailer support legs in order to make lifting of the support legs faster and easier. It is widely recognized on the market, and becoming increasingly popular.

Finally, we have also developed and produced a low speed permanent magnet synchronous motor for solar showers in order to improve the power generation efficiency. With its high quality and efficient performance, it is extremely popular among our customers.