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Company Profile

Motors play an integral part in everyday life, perhaps more than most people realize. Customers must be able to rely on the motors, and know they are efficient and effective for their respective purposes. For that very reason, numerous customers have come to Wenling City Dongling Motor Co., Ltd for low speed AC motors, AC induction motors, brushless DC motors, and low speed DC variable frequency motors. Established in 2007, we are a trusted manufacturer that specializes in the design and development of both standard and customized motors to meet diverse customer needs.

Backed by a talented team able to implement advanced motor design concepts, Dongling has consistently used highly sophisticated equipment, even from the very beginning, to ensure each motor that leaves our facilities is qualified.

Our Advantages
It is our goal here at Dongling to become China's most trusted motor supplier. Compared to other similar products on the market today, our products are known for their outstanding quality and performance. Each motor is known for its compact and simple structure, low temperature rise, customizable volume, long service life and nearly silent operation. More, they are easy to operate with little to no need for maintenance.

We pay strict attention to quality control, and as such, have passed IS9001 certification, and produce all of our motors in accordance with IE60034-30: 2008 standards. Further demonstrating the quality, our products are widely used in gate drives, subways, elevators, containers, road construction and more.

Customization Service
We have a solid reputation in the motor industry due to the outstanding performance of all of our products. We can customize motors according to pole numbers and rotation speed, so rest assured that you will receive the right motor for all of your needs. Customization includes the following:
1. If installation space is limited, we will design a smaller motor.
2. if the rotation speed or other parameters are unsuitable, we will work with you until we design or provide a motor to match your needs.
3. Different industries feature different motor requirements. Give us details about your motor usage, and we will recommend the right motor for your needs.
4. For users where noise is a concern, our motors are an outstanding choice as they operate extremely quietly.
We take environmental friendliness into consideration, and ensure each motor is as efficient as possible. By doing so, customers can rest assured we will meet each and every one of their needs for a high quality motor.