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Customization Service

Based on specific customer application programs, Dongling offers the ability to customize special motor products. Our designers work hand in hand with customers to confirm what type of product it is that is needed, which is why our motors, both standard and customized models, are among the most competitive in the industry. Not only do we provide a large number of alternative AC motors, but we also provide OEM services, and AC induction motors with 4 to 20 poles. Our low speed motors specifically, offer a high efficiency with the ability to be equipped with 20 poles, leaving no doubt in customer minds that we can provide a motor to meet all of their requirements.

We customize motors for the following circumstances:
1. If installation space is limited, we will provide smaller motors that feature an easy installation.
2. If the rotation speed or other motor parameters do not meet customer needs, we will customize a motor that does meet all those needs.
3. We recommend appropriate motors for different industries.
4. In places where noise levels are a concern, and thus, one of the requirements of the motors is for a low noise level, our motors are an outstanding choice, as they are nearly silent.

These motors include numerous parts, such as brakes, clutches, fans, connectors and cables, each playing a part in the motor's performance, as the performance varies based on its specific configurations. We will recommend the right design to meet specific application needs.

For packaging, customization in the barcodes and labels is available to meet specific customer needs.

Each customized AC motor meets international IE60034-30:2008 standards. We also provide motors with various output power levels to meet specific customer needs, as well as one-stop solutions to make sure the purchasing process is smooth and easy. Backed by a strong R&D team, we are proud of our ability to produce customized motors and parts, and our ability to provide OEM services when needed.